How to Test UniConsent Setup for Different GEO Locations and Languages

You can use URL parameters to test the UniConsent CMP integration without needing to clear your browser data.

To reset the consent data, append the following parameters to your URL:


2. Test in Different Geographic Locations

To simulate access from different geographic locations, use the following parameters:


Available GEO codes include:

  • 'EU' (European Union)
  • 'US' (United States)
  • 'USCA' (US California)
  • 'CA' (Canada)
  • 'BR' (Brazil)
  • 'VA' (US Virginia)
  • 'CO' (US Colorado)
  • 'UT' (US Utah)
  • 'CT' (US Connecticut)
  • 'N' (None, Other Regions)

3. Testing Different Languages

To test the CMP in different languages, use the following parameters:


Available language codes and their corresponding languages are:

  • 'BG': Bulgarian
  • 'CA': Catalan
  • 'CS': Czech
  • 'DA': Danish
  • 'DE': German
  • 'EL': Greek
  • 'ES': Spanish
  • 'ET': Estonian
  • 'FI': Finnish
  • 'FR': French
  • 'HU': Hungarian
  • 'IT': Italian
  • 'LT': Lithuanian
  • 'LV': Latvian
  • 'MT': Maltese
  • 'NL': Dutch
  • 'NO': Norwegian
  • 'PL': Polish
  • 'PT': Portuguese
  • 'RO': Romanian
  • 'RU': Russian
  • 'SK': Slovak
  • 'SL': Slovenian
  • 'SV': Swedish
  • 'ZH': Chinese

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