GDPR Cookie Consent CMP for Wordpress

Wordpress GDPR Consent management
  • Wordpress Cookie consent plugin for GDPR

    Wordpress GDPR CMP plugin is the consent management solution by Uniconsent.

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    • Fully customisable multiple stages consent collection pop-ups, bars
    • Multiple languages support
    • Data analytics and inisght dashboard
    • One-tag implementation
    • Both IAB and Google support
    • Cookie ePrivacy consent support
    • Integration support
  • Compare with the other IAB CMP for GDPR

    Features UniConsent CMP Other Free CMP Other Paid CMP
    IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework
    Customisable multiple stages
    One-tag Implementation
    Wordpress plugin
    Multiple languages support
    Google Tag Manager support
    Tracking and Insight
    Google DFP support
    Header bidding support
    JavaScript tags blocking and cookies blocking
    Cookies scan and disclosing
    Custom purpose

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