Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Use unified technical standards and framework on privacy for privacy laws and regulations across the global marketplace.

Global Privacy Control

What is Global Privacy Control (GPC)?

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a proposed specification designed to allow Internet users to notify businesses of their privacy preferences, such as whether or not they want their personal information to be sold or shared.

How detect GPC signal at server side?

app.get('/', function (req, res) { const gpcValue = req.header('Sec-GPC') if (gpcValue === '1') { // signal detected, do something } })

How detect GPC signal at client side?

const gpcValue = navigator.globalPrivacyControl if (gpcValue) { // signal detected, do something };

Who and when Global Privacy Control was started?

GPC was initially introduced at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Privacy Community Group (Privacy CG) in April 2020.

How Global Privacy Control different from IAB CCPA or CPRA?

The introduction of privacy regulations such as the CCPA and the newly passed California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) give consumers the legal right to opt out of the sale of their data, including via automated means such as a browser-based Global Privacy Control. Two months ago, we announced the initial experimental phase of GPC and are excited to see its growing adoption in the marketplace.

How is Global Privacy Control supported by UniConsent

UniConsent CMP sync the Global Privacy Control signals with IAB CCPA, VDPA consent signals, you can enable this feature for US users in your UniConsent CMP dashboard.

How to compliant with and implement the Global Privacy Platform?

Use a consent management platform like UniConsent to offer consumers full control of data collection, opt-out features, manage the preferences communication.

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