All Features of Consent Management Platform

Consent Management Platform for GDPR, CCPA and ePrivacy compliance. UniConsent simplifies the compliance process for global privacy regulations that organisations are subject to follow by law, keep up-to-date with regulatory changes and updates, and always be compliant.

uniconsent one tag cmp

One-tag Implementation

Install UniConsent easily, across desktop, mobile, tablet. Customize it without IT knowledge, no need to update the tag, control everything from the web UI.

uniconsent insight dashboard

Consent Analytics and Insight

Compared with other CMPs, UniConsent provides consent tracking and analytics for you to gain insight of the whole consent system.

multiple languages support cmp

Multiple Language Support

English, Spainish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Bulgarian, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Greek, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Maltese, Norwegian, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Chinese languages support. More languages on the way.

support Custom vendors

IAB, Google Ad Manager, Google Tag Manager, and Prebid.js support

Compared with other CMPs, UniConsent supports IAB vendors (EU & Canada etc.), Google Vendors, IAB TCF EU content signals, IAB TCF Canada content signals, IAB GPP consent signals. We always keep on top of major privacy regulations for you.

eu gdpr cmp

JavaScript tag and cookie blocking

Easily block JavaScript tags and cookies from loading until you have collected valid consent from users, something which is required under the GDPR.

cmp features

Automatic cookie scanning and disclosure

Ensure you are always compliant with GDPR, with automatic cookie discovery and disclosure, UniConsent grows with you as you expand and keeps you compliant.

IAB registered consent manager for GDPRIAB TCF V2 registered consent manager for GDPRIAB TCF Canada registered consent managerGoogle-certified CMP
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Compare with the other CMP for GDPR / CCPA

FeaturesUniConsent CMPOther Free CMPOther Paid CMP
First Party Data Collection Consent
Programmatic 1st Layer UI
IAB Europe Transparency & Consent Framework v2
U.S. CCPA California Consumer Privacy Act
Custom IAB TCF Vendors List
Cookies Scanning and Disclosing
On demand Cookies Scanning
Scheduling Cookies Scanning
Multiple URLs Cookies Scanning
Cookies Classification
Cookies Pause ™ and Automated Compliance
Realtime Consent Analytics and Insight
Manage Multiple Websites in One Account
Consent History and Logs
Customisable Multiple Stages CMP UI
One-tag Implementation
Wordpress Plugin
Multiple Languages Support
Build-in Tag Manager and Loader
Google Tag Manager Integration
Consent Analytics and Insight
Google DFP (GAM) Support
Programmatic Header Bidding Support
Custom Data Purpose
Custom Vendors
Minimum Performance Impact
Content Security Policy (SRI, CSP)
ADA Compliance
Google Consent Mode
Google AMP Support
Custom Domain or Subdomain
IAB TCF 2.2 Consent Signals
Global Privacy Platform (GPP) 1.1
IAB GPP Consent Signals
IAB TCF Canada Consent Signals
Technical Support

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