Global Privacy Platform

Use unified technical standards and framework on privacy for privacy laws and regulations across the global marketplace.

Global Privacy Platform

What is Global Privacy Platform (GPP)?

Global Privacy Platform provide consistent privacy and consent controls across all digital media channels.

Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is the IAB Tech Lab’s initiative, aimed at streamlining technical standards on privacy in a unified framework to ensure online advertising businesses’ adherence with privacy laws and regulations across the global marketplace.

GPP is aiming to consolidate domestic and global privacy signals for digital advertising.

The benefit of Global Privacy Platform for publishers

  • substantially reduce costs and minimize operational efforts, currently required to implement the fragmented privacy-related ad tech
  • provide more flexibility, regarding the adaptation to the newly-introduced requirements anytime in future.

How GPP different from IAB TCF 2.0 or CCPA?

GPP is built on the basis of the existing TCF 2.0 framework, also use discrete segments, supporting multiple privacy formats and signals (both existing & new ones), as a starting point.

The specification implies the development of somewhat a unified architecture for encoding and transferring signals on user consent and privacy choices (e.g. by vendor, by purpose, etc.), metadata on the context of these choices (timestamps, CMP & publisher info, etc.) and additional restrictions (i.e. jurisdictional, legal or else), if any, across the digital ad supply chain.

GPP Consent Management APIs for Web

__gpp(command, callback, parameter, [version]);

How is GPP used in-app?

Similar to the support for TCF, for GPP we will standardize storage locations and naming for the content of the GPP data and GPP string so that ad tags embedded in mobile apps can find the GPP data and string in a consistent way.

What is the timeline of GPP adoption?

IAB Tech Lab released the first RFC of the Global Privacy Platform specification in March 2021.

IAB Tech Lab launched Global Privacy Platform is available for public comment for 60 days on June 1, 2022.

How to compliant with and implement the Global Privacy Platform?

Use a consent management platform like UniConsent to offer consumers full control of data collection, opt-out features, manage the preferences communication.

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