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What is TCF Canada?

TCF Canada is the Transparency and Consent Framework for digital advertising in Canada. It is a standardized set of policies and technical specifications designed to help companies comply with data protection regulations and provide transparency to users about how their data is being used in digital advertising.

Who needs to comply with TCF Canada?

TCF Canada applies to all companies involved in digital advertising in Canada, including publishers, advertisers, and advertising technology companies.

What are the benefits of implementing TCF Canada?

Implementing TCF Canada can help build trust with users by providing transparency about data usage in digital advertising. It can also help companies comply with data protection regulations and avoid potential legal issues related to data privacy.

How does TCF Canada work?

TCF Canada provides a standard way for companies to communicate with users about data usage in digital advertising. This includes providing users with a list of vendors who may collect their data and allowing users to opt out of data collection or choose which vendors they want to allow.

How do I implement TCF Canada on my website or app?

To implement TCF Canada, you will need to use a compliant consent management platform (CMP) that supports the framework. You will also need to update your website or app code to integrate the UniConent CMP and ensure that you are properly communicating data privacy choices to your users. It is recommended to work with a TCF Canada certified CMP partner for a smooth implementation process. UniConsent CMP is a TCF Canada certified CMP partner.

IAB TCF Canada CMP for GAM and Header Bidding

  • Fast loading to increase revenue
  • Designed for publishers
  • TCF Canada certified CMP
  • Fully customisable multiple stages UI & style
  • One-tag Implementation
  • Google Tag Manager support
  • Tracking and insight
  • Multiple languages support
  • IAB TCF Canada and Google DFP support
  • Prebid GDPR CMP API support
  • JavaScript tag and cookie blocking
  • Cookies scan and disclosing
  • Certified by IAB Canada
  • Easy self-serve solution
  • Email and live chat support
IAB registered consent manager for GDPRIAB TCF V2 registered consent manager for GDPRIAB TCF Canada registered consent managerGoogle-certified CMP
Cookie Discovery and Disclose
UniConsent scans websites and discover cookies automatically. It is a legal requirement to disclose how you use cookie on website based on privacy regulation.
GDPR Explicit Cookie Consent Collection
Cookie consent is not only the legal requirement for publishers. DSPs and demand sides only bid on impressions with GDPR consent. UniConsent make sure passing GDPR consent signals to your demand partners.
Customisable CMP UI
UniConsent's visual style is simple yet distinct. Perfect for your website whether it be a basic marketing site, or multiple domains large publishing website. Change the colour, font, wording as you like.
Consent Analytics and Insights
Compare with other CMP, UniConsent provides consent tracking and charts for you to gain insight of the whole consent system. Export analytics data into Google Data Studio.
Fast and Reliable
We understand the performance, latency and and reliability of the consent system are critical for digital publishers, large publishing networks, programmatic ad stack, SaaS or E-commerce website, marketing website.
Technical Support
We are experts solving problems, errors on your website related to GDPR CMP. Our dedicated support team makes support hassle-free and efficient. We help you integrate GDPR / CCPA CMP on your website and programmatic ad stack.

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