IAB TCF 2.0 CMP Upgrade Support


When should we start switching to IAB TCF v2 CMP?

We would recommend switching from 1st May 2020 which is the date of TCF v2 official support by all vendors. But we can help with the testing from 1st April 2020 when all vendors are joining IAB TCF V2.

What is the deadline of IAB TCF v2 CMP switchover?

The deadline is 15th August 2020. But don't wait until the last minute.

Can you help with the IAB TCF 2.0 CMP migration?

Yes, we provide the live chat support for the testing and migration to make sure CMP is integrated correctly.

What happens if I don't switch to UniConsent v2 CMP after 15th August 2020?

You might see the advertising revenue drop because the vendors will stop supporting the TCF v1.1 signals after this date.

Still have questions about IAB TCF v2 CMP switchover?

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Timeline of UniConsent v2 switchover for IAB TCF v2 CMP

As a registered CMP of IAB TCF supports TCF v1 and TCF v2, UniConsent follows the following switchover dates defined by IAB Europe.

The transition period of the switchover: 1st April – 29th June 2020.

TCF v2 beta production support starts from 1st April 2020.

TCF v2 official support starts from 1st May 2020.

IAB Europe will continue to support TCF v1.1 until 15th August 2020.

IAB TCF CMP 2.0 for GAM and Header Bidding

  • Certified IAB CMP
  • Fully customisable multiple stages
  • One-tag Implementation
  • Google Tag Manager support
  • Tracking and insight
  • Multiple languages support
  • IAB TCF and Google DFP support
  • Prebid GDPR CMP API support
  • JavaScript tags blocking and cookies blocking
  • Cookies scan and disclosing
  • Certified by IAB Europe
  • Easy self-serve solution
  • Learn more from GDPR Summary
IAB registered consent manager for GDPR IAB TCF V2 registered consent manager for GDPR

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