Mobile In-App Consent Management Solution & CMP for Android Apps

Enhance GDPR Compliance in Mobile Apps: Crafted for iOS, Android, and Connected TV. Aligns with EU IAB TCF 2.2, U.S. CCPA, and COPPA Regulations.

Mobile In-App Consent Management Solution & CMP for Android Apps
IAB registered consent manager for GDPRIAB TCF V2 registered consent manager for GDPRIAB TCF Canada registered consent managerGoogle-certified CMP
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Streamline GDPR / CCPA Privacy Law Compliance for Android Mobile Apps

Mobile apps consent management, GDPR privacy center and data subject requests management solution for mobile apps and connected devices.

As a trusted independent Consent Management Platform (CMP), UniConsent is a certified IAB CMP/Google CMP specifically designed for mobile apps. Our platform offers comprehensive support and compliance for IAB TCF, Google Ad Manager, Remarketing tags, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Cookie Auditing, and disclosure. With a consent-based tag manager seamlessly integrated for consent analytics, UniConsent goes further to provide a Mobile CMP SDK catering to both iOS and Android devices.

Vendor Discovery and Disclose
UniConsent scans mobile apps and discovers vendors automatically. It is a legal requirement to disclose how you use vendors in your mobile app based on privacy regulations.
Customisable CMP UI
UniConsent's visual style is sleek and distinctive, making it ideal for your mobile apps. Whether you have a straightforward marketing app or a complex ecosystem of mobile applications, feel free to customize the color, font, and wording to match your preferences.
Fast and Reliable
We understand the performance, latency and and reliability of the consent system are critical for digital publishers, large publishing networks, programmatic ad stack, SaaS or E-commerce apps, marketing apps.
Technical Support
We are experts solving problems, errors on your website related to GDPR CMP. Our dedicated support team makes support hassle-free and efficient. We help you integrate GDPR / CCPA CMP on your apps and programmatic ad stack.

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