Custom Domain or Subdomain (Beta)

Setup UniConsent GDPR CMP with a first party subdomain of your website

Browser environments are complex, consent managers may be blocked or restricted by ad-blockers and impacted by Safari's ITP which is restricting the lifetime of third party cookies.

UniConsent supports the setup with your first-party subdomain. You can set up a subdomain of your main website and point to UniConsent's privacy compliance cloud with CNAME record.

UniConsent recommends that your website avoids using cmp or privacy as your subdomains, but using a random string or use consent or thecmp.

Then UniConsent CMP is served on the subdomains like

Steps of setting up a custom domain of your UniConsent CMP

  1. Set up a first-party subdomain and create a CNAME record pointing to
  2. Send a request to UniConsent support to set up your CNAME at UniConsent's privacy compliance cloud.
  3. UniConsent account manager notifies you of the other steps required.
  4. Finally, you will install and use the new scripts and API serving under your subdomain.

Notice: custom domain is only available to Enterprise users and with extra cost, please contact to know more.

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