Third party JavaScript Tags Integration

You can integrate and control your third-party tags with UniConsent CMP. Then load your third party javascript tags conditionally based on the user's consent.

There are multiple ways to do the integration: Integrate with Google Tag Manager or other tag managers, or integrate by updating your JavaScript tags on page.

You can also use UniConsent Tags Loader to manage your third party tags.

Method 1. Integrate with Google Tag Manager:

  • Step 1. Add a third party vendor at CMP and get the vendor ID.

  • Step 2. The event 'unic_data' is firing when a user's consent is available on the page.

  • Step 3. Check the data layer variable if the vendor is enabled in customVendors data. For example, you can check the variable customVendors.1 = true to load the 1st third party tag.

You can also load customVendor tags based on the other data layer variables.