IAB TCF 2.0 Integration

How to switch to UniConsent v2

Since 1st April 2020, UniConsent v2 started to support TCF v2 and officially approved by IAB EU. If you are a publisher requried to opt-in TCF v2, you have to setup your site under Consent Manager v2 section and install the new code.

UniConsent v1 will still be supported by UniConsent. But it is recommended to switch to UniConsent v2 which has a better UI and faster performance.


What is changed in UniConsent v2?

UniConsent v2 has an improved UI, faster loading, better performance and also started to support TCF v2.

When should we start switching to UniConsent v2?

We would recommend switching from 1st April 2020 which is the date of TCF v2 official support by all vendors.

What happens if I don't switch to UniConsent v2 after 15th August 2020?

You might see the advertising revenue drop because the vendors will stop supporting the TCF v2 signals after this date.

Why upgrade to UniConsent v2?

If you are a publisher within the EU or have the audiences in the EU, to work with most vendors, you have to set up a CMP support IAB TCF. On 25 April 2018, IAB Europe launched TCF v1 and on 21 August 2019, IAB Europe launched TCF v2.

TCF v2 is not backwards compatible with TCF v1. UniConsent released UniConsent v2 to support the change and TCF v2.

As a publisher, you have to deploy the UniConsent v2 on your website to remove the UniConsent v1 codes.

Timeline of UniConsent v2 switchover for IAB TCF v2

As a registered CMP of IAB TCF supports TCF v1 and TCF v2, UniConsent follows the following switchover dates defined by IAB Europe.

IAB Europe will continue to support TCF v1 until 15th August 2020.

How to fix Google Ad Manager IAB TCF 2.0 Error?

If you have seen an error message in your Google Ad Manager, the first step is downloading the report and check the error code of your site.

Please ignore a false alarm error code: Error 2.1 a.

If you can see other error codes. You can find the details of the error code on page How to fix Google Ad Manager IAB TCF 2.0 Error. It takes at least 7 days for Google to remove the error message if you are a new user of UniConsent CMP.

If you still have questions about the error message and error code, please contact by email or live chat. Our engineer will check your website manually.

Still have questions about UniConsent v2 switchover?

Contact us: support@uniconsent.com or send a message in the live chat widget on this page.