How to confirm Consent string is passing to Google ads?

Verifying Proper Passing of Consent String in Google Ad Manager

To ensure that the consent string is correctly transmitted to Google Ad Manager, follow these steps:

  1. Inspect the request parameters of the following URL:

Verify that the request includes the following consent string data fields:







Common Errors to Watch Out For

When checking the consent string passing process, be aware of the following common errors:

  1. GPP_ERROR_STRING_IS_DEPRECATED_SPEC: This error occurs when you are using an outdated GPP version. To resolve this, you need to upgrade to GPP 1.1 or install a CMP UniConsent with GPP 1.1 support.

  2. GPP_ERROR_STRING_EXPECTED_APPLICATION_SECTION_ARRAY: This error is related to Google Ad Manager internal issues and may indicate a problem with the application section array. Install a CMP UniConsent with GPP 1.1 support to resolve this error.

  3. tcfe: TCF Consent Error.