What is GPP Consent String?

The Global Privacy Platform (GPP) String concept is a standardized format for representing privacy policies and consent choices. It is a machine-readable string that encodes the privacy practices of a website or application in a standardized way, allowing for easier and more efficient management of user consent.

Here's an example of what a GPP String might look like:


The format of GPP String:


Header section acting as a string “table of contents” followed by discrete sections of privacy signals.

GPP String Sections and IDs

Each section represents a unique privacy signal, usually a unique jurisdiction. Below are the supported discrete sections.

Section IDClient-side API PrefixDescription
1tcfeuv1EU TCF v1 section (deprecated)
2tcfeuv2EU TCF v2
3GPP Header section (REQUIRED)
4--GPP signal integrity section
5tcfcaCanadian TCF
6uspv1USPrivacy String
7usnatUS - national section
8uscaUS - California section
9usvaUS - Virginia section
10uscoUS - Colorado section
11usutUS - Utah section
12usctUS - Connecticut section


Find GPP API 1.1 at /docs/tutorials/iab-gpp

MSPA & GPP US state signals

Find more information at https://www.iab.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/12/IABTechLab_MSPA_GPP_2022_12.pdf

GPP String Decoder

Find IAB GPP Consent String Decoder at: GPP Decoder.