IAB Tech Lab released Global Privacy Platform (GPP) specifications


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IAB Tech Lab launched Global Privacy Platform (GPP) technical specifications on June 1, 2022. The specifications are in public comment until July 30, 2022 for 60 days.

Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is launched by IAB Tech Lab on 1st June 2022.Global Privacy Platform (GPP) is launched by IAB Tech Lab on 1st June 2022.

What is Global Privacy Platform (GPP)?

Global Privacy Platform standard is a single protocol designed to streamline transmitting privacy, consent, and consumer choice signals from sites and apps to ad tech providers, and integrates with existing privacy signals from Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework and CCPA in the U.S.

The GPP provides the flexibility required to support the needs of users, publishers, and advertisers for privacy and consumer consent. Publishers, advertisers, and ad service providers will benefit from the reduced cost of maintaining privacy and data protection controls for users across the regions they operate in and consumers will enjoy more transparency, choice, and control when it comes to their personal data.

"Privacy regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, PIPEDA, and numerous new local privacy laws, create immense complexity and fragmentation in the market. The GPP is intended to enable participants across the advertising supply chain to navigate the complexity of numerous overlapping global privacy laws through a single platform and consent signaling protocol," - Jason J. Raqueno, Senior Director, Privacy, at IAB Tech Lab.

What is new in Global Privacy Platform specifications?

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Design
  • GPP string is a signal similar to TCF string
  • Similar to TCF string, GPP string is also able to be transported via OpenRTB
  • Combine the consent signals of multi-Jurisdictional into one string
__gpp(command, callback, parameter, [version])

How is GPP used in-app?

Similar to the support for TCF, for GPP we will standardize storage locations and naming for the content of the GPP data and GPP string so that ad tags embedded in mobile apps can find the GPP data and string in a consistent way.

How to compliant with and implement the Global Privacy Platform specifications?

Publishers can use features in a consent management platform like UniConsent once the GPP specifications are finialised to offer consumers full control of data collection, opt-out features, manage the preferences communication.

About UniConsent

UniConsent is a part of Transfon User Experience Platform serve tens of millions of users per day to provide a seamless experience for both users and publishers in the age of post GDPR. Behind Transfon, it is a group of performance and user experience experts. Contact us to know more: hello@uniconsent.com


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