How Facebook tracks Your Users on Your Website


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Facebook launched a new tool called 'Off Facebook Activity' allowing users to see their off facebook activities and other personal data.

Access and control your data with the Tool from Facebook

As a Facebook user or the audience of a website installed Facebook pixel, you can access how Facebook tracks you with this tool.

It is hidden in settings menus, but you can access this link:

off facebook activitiesoff facebook activities

You can also access or download all the data Facebook has collected:

Off facebook activitiesOff facebook activities

Control your ad preferences

You can control the ad preferences at§ion_id=interacted

off facebook activitiesoff facebook activities

How a brand uses personal data for marketing

The brand website tracks users activity with the Facebook pixel or uploads your email address, the phone number to Facebook to run ads.

According to Facebook, 'These advertisers have run an ad in the past seven days using a list uploaded to Facebook containing your information, typically an email address or a phone number.'

When you open the above link at facebook ad preferences, You can see a list of brands which have uploaded your email address or phone number.

How a brand compliant with GDPR/CCPA when using Facebook for marketing

Based on GDPR or other privacy laws, you have to collect explicit consent from users before you share their data with Facebook for marketing.

UniConsent provide the choices and CMP to make the GDPR/CCPA compliance easy.

Once your website has set up and integrated with UniConsent CMP, a user will be asked if they allow you to use their data. If the user rejects, the Facebook pixel won't be loaded.

Learn more about how to integrate with Facebook pixel and Google GTM at

Get started to make your website compliant for EU GDPR, US CCPA.

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Get started to make your website compliant for EU GDPR, US CCPA.

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