How to Make Your Prebid Setup CCPA Compliant


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Prebid ccpa compliancePrebid ccpa compliance

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) comes into effect on January 1, 2020, and may affect how your website is allowed to handle the personal information of Californians.

IAB tech lab released the final version of IAB CCPA Compliance Framework (v1), UniConsent CMP started to support this Framework since the release date.

Prebid.js 2.43.0 includes a new consent management module for supporting the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). The IAB has generalized CCPA support to cover future regulations, referring to the feature as “US Privacy.”

UniConsent CMP works with Prebid.js to fetch an encoded string representing the user’s consent choices, making it available for adapters to consume and process. Most bidder adapters are making use of this additional consent data in the header bidding auction.

How to make your website with prebid setup CCPA compliant?

If you have a prebid.js setup with a version lower than 2.43.0, please upgrade your prebid.js library which including CCPA consent management module.

If you haven't installed a CMP support Prebid.js consent management module, please check UniConsent CCPA CMP and setup asap.

How do I know my prebid.js CCPA module is working correctly?

Only a few CMP support prebid CCPA module like UniConsent CCPA CMP. How to check if your CMP support CCPA?

Run the following code at browser's developer console:
window.__uspapi('getUSPData', 1, function (d) {

You should be able to see the uspConsent result.

Prebid.js includes piggyback CCPA 'uspConsent' string generated by UniConsent CMP, you should be able to see the 'us_privacy' string on the URL sending to bidders.

Looking for Prebid CCPA CMP?

Please check UniConsent CMP which is a consent manager support both prebid GDPR and CCPA modules.

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