New features: consent rate and adblocking rate monitoring

21 May 2019

consent rate and adblocking rate monitoring

At the previous post Measure IAB TCF GDPR consent given rate with Google analytics, we have talked about how to measure consent given rate with Google analytics.

If you don’t like to program and like to find an out of box solution, UniConsent is the one provides Consent rate measures and monitoring feature.

You are able to see the consent given rate of each website and the trends.

Lower consent given rate by the users means consent leaking and a potential issue and revenue loss of the website.

Lower consent rate also means the site is under-monetized. The programmatic advertising demand partners can’t use the user’s cookie data to bid the personalised targeting ads.

Because of the character of the audience on a website is different from site to site, the consent rate is also different.

To archive a higher consent rate, digital publishers have to provide a better user experience and gain the trust from users.

Adblocking rate

Adblocking rate is the percentage of users installing the adblocker plugins on the browser.

Adblocking rate is an important factor impacting the advertising revenue.

You are able to see the adblocking rate charts at UniConsent dashboard now.

Both consent rate monitoring and adblocking rate monitoring features are available to all the premium users.

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