Google AMP Cookie Manager - UniConsent CMP für AMP

Richten Sie UniConsent CMP ein und verwalten Sie die Cookie-Einwilligung für Ihre AMP-Websites, IAB TCF CMP für Googles AMP.

Google's AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an opensource solution for websites delivering fast mobile web experiences.

UniConsent is working with Google’s AMP team and enabling AMP websites to collect and manage user consent easily. You can set up UniConsent on your AMP websites.

Once you have installed UniConsent CMP on your AMP website, all IAB TCF consent signals are passed over to Google Ad Manager, Ads, AdSense and other ad tech vendors for you.


The following amp-consent script is required on your AMP websites.

<script async custom-element="amp-consent" src=""></script>

Setup Example

<amp-consent id="uniconsent" layout="nodisplay" type="UniConsent">
  <script type="application/json">
      "postPromptUI": "post-consent-ui",
      "clientConfig": {
        "id": "Your Website ID in UniConsent"
      "uiConfig": {
        "overlay": true

  <div id="post-consent-ui" tabindex="0" role="button" on="tap:uniconsent.prompt(consent=UniConsent)" style="display: flex; width: 40px; height: 40px; justify-content: center; align-items: center; cursor: pointer; margin: 0 0 10px 10px;float: left; border-radius: 25px; background-image: linear-gradient(37deg,#c7c7c7,#e0e0e0);">
    <svg xmlns="" width="20" height="20" viewBox="0 0 80 80">
      <g xmlns="">
        <path d="M34,0 C34,0 23.6964545,11.1724138 0,11.1724138 L0,37.8256034 C0,51.7436379 6.68872727,65.1658966 18.7989091,73.7658621 C23.0844545,76.8103448 28.1396364,79.4288793 34,81 C39.8603636,79.4288793 44.914,76.8103448 49.2010909,73.7658621 C61.3112727,65.1658966 68,51.7436379 68,37.8256034 L68,11.1724138 C44.3035455,11.1724138 34,0 34,0 Z" id="Shape" fill="#556080" fill-rule="nonzero"></path>
        <path d="M33.5,72 C30.2491562,70.8407063 27.1024375,69.1817891 24.1165,67.0482991 C14.6503125,60.2873765 9,49.3527184 9,37.797358 L9,19.0691292 C20.3174687,17.7567475 28.3534687,14.1786635 33.5,11 C38.6465312,14.1786635 46.6825312,17.7567475 58,19.0691292 L58,37.797358 C58,49.3527184 52.3496875,60.2873765 42.8850312,67.0482991 C39.8975625,69.1817891 36.7508438,70.8407063 33.5,72 Z" id="Shape" fill="#4FBA6F" fill-rule="nonzero"></path>
        <path d="M52.4745773,28.3573401 C51.8332457,27.8315443 50.8604567,27.8936575 50.2992916,28.4931226 L29.799806,50.4422109 L18.6320032,39.9782954 C18.0292132,39.4134982 17.0548825,39.4134982 16.4520925,39.9782954 C15.8493025,40.5430927 15.8493025,41.4560129 16.4520925,42.0208102 L28.7853921,53.5767632 C29.0752247,53.8483281 29.4668069,54 29.8753475,54 C29.8923058,54 29.909264,54 29.9262223,54 C30.3532628,53.9869996 30.7540951,53.8078823 31.0346776,53.5074275 L52.6179519,30.3955214 C53.1791171,29.7946118 53.1143672,28.8816915 52.4745773,28.3573401 Z" id="Shape" fill="#FFFFFF" fill-rule="nonzero"></path>

Configuration (clientConfig)

idStringWebsite id, provided via UniConsent Console

In order to retrieve your settings id, please login and use the UniConsent Console.

How to load AMP block based on user's Consent

Please check the following example about how to block Google Analytics for AMP:

AMP CMP Integration Support

You can find more about amp-consent on Google's AMP Consent page.

Please get in contact with support team ( before installing on your AMP sites or if you need further support.

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