Optimierung der Anbieterliste

Wie reduziere ich Ihre IAB TCF-Anbieterliste und Google-Anbieterliste?

Managing consent for vendors has become an integral part of ensuring a seamless and compliant user experience. UniConsent CMP takes the lead in this domain, providing a robust platform for publishers to efficiently handle their vendor lists. In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of vendor management, exploring the different types of vendor lists, the significance of reducing vendor numbers, and how UniConsent CMP facilitates this process.

Vendor List Optimization

What are Vendors?

A vendor, in the digital context, refers to any entity that provides services or technology to a website or app. These can include advertising networks, analytics services, social media plugins, and more. The relationships between publishers and vendors are often multifaceted, with various vendors contributing to different aspects of a website's functionality and content delivery.

Types of Vendor Lists

UniConsent CMP recognizes the diverse landscape of vendors and allows publishers to manage different types of vendor lists seamlessly. These include:

IAB TCF Vendor List

Aligned with the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Transparency and Consent Framework, this list encompasses vendors adhering to industry standards. There are 700+ vendors on the list and growing.

Google Additional Vendor List

Tailored to Google's ecosystem, this list includes vendors specific to the Google platform.

Canada TCF Vendor List

Catering to the Canadian market, this list ensures compliance with privacy regulations in the region.

Custom Vendor List

UniConsent CMP provides the flexibility for publishers to create a custom vendor list, tailoring it to their specific needs and partnerships.

How to Reduce Vendor Numbers

Reducing the number of vendors in a list is a strategic move for publishers, driven by two primary considerations:

Increased Audience Confidence: A concise and well-curated vendor list fosters trust among users. When visitors know that their data is shared only with essential and trustworthy partners, they are more likely to provide consent willingly.

Avoidance of Useless Vendors: Streamlining the vendor list helps publishers eliminate redundant or underperforming vendors, optimizing the digital supply chain for better efficiency and performance.

Enhanced User Experience: A streamlined vendor list contributes to faster page loading times and a cleaner user interface, enhancing the overall experience for visitors.

Compliance and Risk Mitigation: Adhering to regional privacy regulations becomes more manageable with a focused vendor list, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.

Improved Performance: Fewer vendors mean less third-party code to load, leading to improved website performance and faster load times.

How to Reduce Vendor Lists with UniConsent CMP

UniConsent CMP simplifies the process of reducing vendor lists through the following steps:

  1. Vendor List Optimization Feature: Utilize UniConsent's built-in feature to automatically optimize the vendor list based on industry standards and best practices.

  2. Careful Review: After the automatic optimization, carefully review the resulting vendor list to ensure alignment with your website's goals and user expectations.

  3. Publish Changes: Use the intuitive UniConsent CMP dashboard to seamlessly publish changes to your vendor list, keeping it up-to-date and compliant.

  4. Ongoing Review: Remember to update the list when onboarding new vendors.

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