Global Privacy Platform

Use unified technical standards and framework on privacy for privacy laws and regulations across the global marketplace. GPP API 1.1 Support.

Global Privacy Platform

Understanding the Global Privacy Platform (GPP): A Comprehensive Guide

The Global Privacy Platform (GPP) stands as a pivotal initiative by the IAB Tech Lab, revolutionizing privacy and consent management across digital media landscapes. This platform is designed to harmonize technical standards in privacy, offering a unified framework that ensures compliance with various privacy laws and regulations worldwide. By doing so, GPP aims to simplify adherence to privacy norms for online advertising businesses operating globally.

An Overview of the Current API Version: GPP 1.1

As of the latest update, the Global Privacy Platform operates on version 1.1. This version signifies the continuous evolution of GPP, incorporating advanced features and enhanced capabilities to meet the ever-changing demands of digital privacy.

The benefit of Global Privacy Platform for publishers

The Global Privacy Platform brings numerous benefits to publishers, including:

  1. Significant Cost Reduction and Operational Efficiency: GPP helps publishers substantially cut down expenses and minimize the operational complexities involved in implementing various privacy-related ad technologies.
  2. Enhanced Flexibility for Future Adaptations: With GPP, publishers gain the agility to adapt seamlessly to new privacy requirements as they emerge.

Distinguishing GPP from IAB TCF 2.2 and CCPA

While GPP is built upon the foundation of the existing TCF 2.2 framework, it distinguishes itself by supporting a broader range of privacy formats and signals. It encompasses both existing and emerging privacy norms, serving as a comprehensive solution. The platform focuses on developing a unified architecture for encoding and transmitting user consent and privacy choices, including metadata on the context of these choices and any additional jurisdictional or legal restrictions.

Implementing GPP Consent Management API 1.1 for Web

The GPP Consent Management API 1.1 is specially designed for web applications, streamlining the process of managing user consent and privacy preferences in the digital domain.

Utilizing GPP in Mobile Apps

GPP extends its support to mobile applications by standardizing storage locations and naming conventions for GPP data. This consistency ensures that ad tags embedded in mobile apps can easily access and interpret GPP data, maintaining uniformity across platforms.

Timeline for GPP Adoption

The IAB Tech Lab unveiled the first Request for Comments (RFC) on the Global Privacy Platform specification in March 2021. Subsequently, a public comment period for the platform was initiated on June 1, 2022, inviting feedback and suggestions for a duration of 60 days.

How to compliant with and implement the Global Privacy Platform?

To comply with and effectively implement the Global Privacy Platform, publishers and advertisers can leverage consent management platform like UniConsent. These platforms offer comprehensive solutions for consumer data control, including opt-out features and efficient management of preference communications.

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