Google Consent Mode V2 CMP

UniConsent CMP funktioniert mit Google Consent Mode und ermöglicht es Ihnen, das Verhalten Ihrer Google-Tags basierend auf dem Einwilligungsstatus Ihrer Benutzer anzupassen.

How to confirm UniConsent CMP for Google Consent Mode is working

Integrating UniConsent CMP with Google Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode is a feature that allows web and app developers to adjust the behavior of Google tags and app SDKs based on the consent choices made by users. UniConsent CMP, in conjunction with Google Consent Mode, provides a mechanism to tailor how Google-related elements behave on your website or app, depending on whether users have granted or denied consent.

Consent Types and Their Impact

Understanding the different consent types and their impact is crucial:

  1. ad_storage: Enables storage related to advertising, such as cookies on the web or device identifiers in apps.

  2. ad_user_data: Sets consent for sending user data to Google for online advertising purposes.

  3. ad_personalization: Sets consent for personalized advertising.

  4. analytics_storage: Enables storage related to analytics, such as visit duration.

  5. functionality_storage: Enables storage that supports the functionality of the website or app, such as language settings.

  6. personalization_storage: Enables storage related to personalization, such as video recommendations.

  7. security_storage: Enables storage related to security, including authentication functionality and fraud prevention.

Tags Supporting Consent Mode

Google provides tags and SDKs for various products that come with built-in consent checks. These elements adjust their behavior based on consent states. Some of the supported products include:

  1. Google tag
  2. Google Analytics (including Google Analytics for Firebase SDK)
  3. Google Ads (including Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)
  4. Floodlight
  5. Conversion Linker

For tags that do not have built-in consent checks, you can add checks in Tag Manager using the configuration in Advanced > Consent Settings.

Learn more about Google Consent mode.

Impact on Tag and App SDK Behavior

Here's how consent choices impact the behavior of tags and app SDKs:

  1. When users grant consent, tags generally function as usual.

  2. When users deny consent for ad personalization or ad user data, tags and app SDKs cannot use user data for ad targeting purposes.

  3. When users deny consent for storage, consent-aware tags and app SDKs refrain from storing cookies on the web or device identifiers in apps. Instead, they communicate consent state and user activity via cookieless pings (web) or signals (apps) to the Google server, enabling modeling of conversions.

Redacting Stored Data

In addition to modifying tag behavior based on consent, Consent Mode allows for the redaction of stored data when a user denies consent. For example, if a user initially grants consent for data storage for ads but later changes their mind and denies consent, Google Ads can delete the stored information.

UniConsent CMP for Google Consent Mode

Google Consent Mode allows a website integrate with UniConsent CMP and adjust Google tag behavior based on consent. You can block Google Analtyics cookies, Google Ads cookies on your website with UniConsent's Google Consent Mode support. UniConsent integrates with Global site tag (gtag.js) or Google Tag Manager to support Google Consent Mode. Google Consent Mode works with Google Analytics with analytics_storage signals and Google’s ad platforms with ad_storage signals.

Google products support Google Consent Mode:

  • Google Ads (including Google Ads Conversion Tracking and Remarketing)
  • Google Analytics
  • Floodlight
  • Conversion Linker

How to setup Google Consent Mode:

Find more about Google Consent Mode setup at

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