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There are more changes in the IAB TCF 2.0, Google Ad Manager, Prebid.js ecosystem over the past months. The questions about CMP are still there for most publishers.

What is New about IAB TCF 2.0 GDPR Consent Manager aka CMP in the end of 2020What is New about IAB TCF 2.0 GDPR Consent Manager aka CMP in the end of 2020

  • Which IAB TCF GDPR CMP should be used on the website?
  • Should a publisher choose a premium paid Consent Manager or a free CMP?
  • Are the technical support required to integrate with the CMP?
  • Should a publisher take care and fix of the errors from Google Adsense and Google Ad Manager account?
  • What are the factors to think about when choosing a CMP vendor?
  • How to fix the errors from the report of Google Adsense and Google Ad Manager account?
  • How to know a website has integrated correctly with the CMP?
  • Is the website losing the revenue because of the CMP?
  • ...

Loading performance and page speed optimisation for SEO

UniConsent team is a group of web performance experts, so we keep improving the loading speed of the CMP. Why loading speed is important?

Firstly, it is important for good user experience as we all know users may leave your site if the content loading speed is slow.

Secondly, all the ads including the ads managed by Google Ad Manager, Google Adsense or prebid header bidding wrappers are relying on the CMP. A faster CMP means the ads can be loaded earlier thus there are more impressions and revenue.

Some CMPs are not well engineered for publishers running advertising. Slowing down the page loading speed and loss impressions. For example, some CMPs have as many as 11 different scripts loading for each page view; some CMPs block the page loading which is against the SEO and performance best practices.

UniConsent is optimised to load minimum data from the internet very fast and not blocking the page loading.

Premium Ad stack integration support

UniConsent Team has helped multiple large ad networks reviewing the ad stack to make sure there are no leaks of the consent string passing. We also have seen most publishers have the integration issues causing the revenue loss because of the nature of the complexity of the ad stack nowadays.

Once the integration is fixed, normally publishers can see a revenue lift once they have switched to UniConsent CMP.

Support the major Adtech vendors

You may not know that an Adtach vendor doesn't work with the CMP on your site.

Not all the CMP support all the ad tech vendors. UniConsent 100% support Google's Ad products (including Google AdX, Google GAM and Adsense), all the prebid vendors, most popular prebid wrappers.

As the publishers are using different ad wrappers to manage their ads integration, the CMP may have not integrated with your wrapper very well.

UniConsent team are able to review your wrapper to make sure it works with IAB TCF 2.0 CMP and 100% of your ad tech vendors are working correctly.

Fix errors in Google's report

UniConsent is helping the publishers fixing the errors in Google's report over the past several months. If these errors are not fixed, you may see the revenue loss when Google enforce the IAB TCF 2.0. The deadline of Google's TCF 2.0 enforcement used to be 15th Nov 2020 but is postponed again to 15th Jan 2021. You still have two months to fix the errors as of today.

Remember the new Google TCF 2.0 deadline 15th Jan 2021 and watch out your revenue if Google is not changing this deadline again.

User experience improvement

UniConsent CMP has made multiple updates to improve the overall user experience for the publisher's website.

As more and more ad tech vendors are joining the IAB Vendor List, the IAB Vendor List is updating each week. If there is no control like the other CMP. The CMP may popup to the users each week or more frequently. This is bad user experience and can be improved because you may not working with the new vendor has just joined the IAB GDPR TCF 2.0.

You can control the minimum age of the consent given by users in the UniConsent CMP console. You can also choose a whitelist of vendors you are working with to reduce the user experience impact.

We know SEO performance is one of the most important factors for the traffic of publishers. UniConsent have made changes to hide CMP content from an SEO search engine, so the content in the CMP won't impact the SEO performance of your website.

Authenticated consent is a feature required by a publisher who has a network of websites and also has authenticated users. In this case, UniConsent is able to manage the consents for the Authenticated users and integrate with your authentication system.

About UniConsent

UniConsent is a part of Transfon User Experience Platform serve tens of millions of users per day to provide a seamless experience for both users and publishers in the age of post GDPR. Behind Transfon, it is a group of performance and user experience experts. Contact us to know more: hello@uniconsent.com

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